Androcell remixed

2019-11-15 05:48

Entheomythic Remixed EP by Androcell, released 11 January 2013 1. Desert Nomad (remix) 2. Synchromystic (remix) 3. Mysterious Union (remix) 4. Dub Ripples 5. Endless Wonder (remix) 6. Dub Gardens (remix) 7. Gardens and Caverns Remixes of songs from the 3rd fulllength Androcell album Entheomythic along with two new offerings.If so, I like where the evolution of Androcell's sound is going. Wherever that may be, I hope he will express the same traits that have drawn him forward from Emotivision, through this. Favorite tracks: Mysterious Union, Endless Wonder, Dub Gardens, Gardens and Caverns. androcell remixed

My Heart Is Remixed by Aligning Minds, released 05 November 2013 1. My Heart Is Love (Anvil Hands Remix) 2. Weeping Willow (Vano Remix) 3. A Noble Truth (Resonant Language Remix) 4. Folk Lore (PushPull Remix) 5. In The Wake of Forever (Androcell Remix) 6. My Heart Is Love (One Hand Clap Remix) 7. Weeping Willow (Ayrun Remix) 8.

Androcell is the enveloping, electronic dub infused music project of producer and artist, Tyler Smith. For almost two decades he has been at the controls of music production, experimenting with different styles and emotions in sonic art form. Dec 11, 2013 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. androcell remixed

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