Loksound xl decoder

2019-11-12 06:05

The LokSound 5 offers a motor current of 1. 5 amps while the V5 Micro offers 0. 75 amps, V5 L has 3. 0 amps and V5 XL has 5. 0 amps so there is a decoder for all gauges. ESU offers load compensation (using BEMF) resulting in a smooth and precise locomotive operation.With the LokSound family decoders we offer all model railroaders who want the utmost of authenticity on their layout, a real highlight. With LokSound, the excellent features of ESUdecoders are even more enhanced by the addition of sound functions. loksound xl decoder

LokSound is the brand name for ESU's line of mobile decoders. The LokSound decoders are very advanced sound decoders, and are found as the OEM decoder in many locomotives. The naming scheme used on this page follows the LokProgrammer's conventions.

The LokSound XL V4. 0 decoder can also be used on analogue DC or AC layouts. The builtin motor control will learn the motor manners and synchronise the drive and lighting functions with the sound functions. So model railroaders without a digital system can also enjoy the LokSound decoders, of course, without the sounds triggered by function keys. ESU LokSound V5. 0 XL DCCMMSXM4 Sound Decoder Screw Terminals. Blank Decoder Ready For Programming. The LokSound 5 XL decoder is quite a big piece of equipment. It has to be, because it is intended for use in large scale model railways, e. g. garden railways and 1 gauge models. loksound xl decoder 1 product rating ESU LokSound V4. 0 XL L DCC Decoder Tester Extension NEW MODELRRSUPPLY

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