Kakaki sound

2019-12-06 21:33

Kakaki is the name used in Chad, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin Niger, and Nigeria. The instrument is also known as waza in Chad and Sudan, and malakat in Ethiopia. An ancient instrument, the kakaki was predominant among Songhai cavalry. Its sound is associated with royalty and it is only played at events at the palace of the king or sultan inDec 23, 2016 Meet the kakaki ! It's a three to four meter long metal trumpet used in African Hausa traditional ceremonial music. Like the Didgeridoo from Australia or different types of long horns found all over the world( Alphorns, Romanian Horns, Fujara trombita in Slovakia, Midwinterhoorn in Holland) these are conical open tubes that are played like a trumpet. This means the sound is created by the kakaki sound

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The kakaki sound is associated with royalty and it is only played at events at the palace of the emir or chief in Hausa societies. It is used as part of the sara, a weekly statement of power and Aug 16, 2018  SOULPEE GAMBO Before we move on with the KAKAKI project I feel like its necessary we understand what Kakaki is and the mandate. Basically, Kakaki is a 10 foot long ancient Royal instrument used in traditional African music. Its sound is associated with Royalty and is only played at events at the palace of a KING. kakaki sound Other articles where Kakaki is discussed: African music: Trumpets: the Hausa, the long metal kakaki and wooden farai, both endblown, fulfill this role in combination with drums. In East and central Africa, the instruments are often made from gourds, wood, hide, horn, or a combination of these materials. In the historic kingdom of Buganda (now part of Uganda), trumpet

Sep 01, 2018  SoulPee Gambo Kakaki (The Acoustic EP): after the long wait and anticipation, Jos Gospel Artist SoulPee Gambo finally delivered as promised, the complete KAKAKI (The Acoustic EP) project. The six (6) tracks EP KAKAKI (The Acoustic Ep) features 3 major acts like, Neken Chuwang, Degeneral and the popular Acapella music group The Gates. kakaki sound

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