Placentitis mare ultrasound

2019-12-15 16:35

May 01, 2008  Ascending placentitis is a condition that occurs late in pregnancy when bacteria enter the sterile uterus from the lower reproductive tract. It leads to abortion or the birth of premature and weakened foals. Early detection and treatment of this conditionPlacentitis in the Mare Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcome By Jos Mottershead& Kathy St. Martin. Your mare is at approximately 250 days of pregnancy and one morning you notice significant mammary development. Upon closer inspection you find that milk is present and can be expelled from the udder. placentitis mare ultrasound

Placentitis is an inflammation of the placenta usually caused by an infectious agent. It has emerged as a leading cause of reproductive loss in the equine breeding industry, with considerable economic impact when a pregnancy ends in abortion or the birth of a small, illthrift foal.

Diagnosis of Placentitis (Mares) in Horses. Ultrasound screening has been the main tool in diagnosing placentitis. It helps to measure the thickness of the uterus and placenta to determine any variables. The only downside of this diagnosis tool is the expense because of the frequent monitoring required. Placentitis is an inflammation of the placenta, the temporary organ that forms to support the foal while it is in the mare during pregnancy. Normal anatomy of the placenta and reproductive tract Throughout pregnancy the placenta functions to allow selective exchange of gases, nutrients and waste products between the foal and the mare. placentitis mare ultrasound

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