Thinksound ms01 8mm review

2019-11-22 12:41

The thinksound ms01's use an 8mm driver and they come with 4 pairs of comfortable silicon ear inserts. Fitting them isn't going to be a problem and even after wearing them for hours they remained quite comfortable. The ms01's were voiced by Aaron Fournier, who is the CEO of thinksoundBoth of these distinctions mark the new MS01 8mm inear monitor by Thinksound. A couple of former Tivoli Audio engineers formed Thinksound to make great hifi equipment with a minimal environmental footprint, and the MS01 earbuds are one of their latest offerings. image copyright EarthTechling thinksound ms01 8mm review

Feb 28, 2017  Thinksound is a small audio company focused on creating high quality products with an emphasis on creating a natural sound using sustainable materials. Their headphones have gathered awards since the brands inception in 2010 and they are working to continue that magic with the ms02, the evolution of their ms01 inear monitors.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ThinkSound TS02 8mm Passive Noise Isolating Wooden Headphone at Amazon. com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. So for the past month we've been testing their brand new MS01 8mm inear monitor with passive noise isolation to see if it walks on the same successful path as the TS02Mic. Thinksound was founded by Aaron Fournier and Mike Tunney, who met while working for Tivoli Audio. thinksound ms01 8mm review Feb 23, 2012  In this Thinksound ms01 headphone review, we take a look at what makes the ms01 special, and how well Thinksound did tackling the daunting task of designing an in

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