2jz motor sound

2019-11-20 09:33

Jun 18, 2016 This mod adds a new sound from the 2JZGTEGE of the Toyota Supra. This is without turbo sound, so you can decide if you want an GE or GTE if you adding a turbo ingame. If you want to hear the sound, its the sound from the Sultan. I didn't found the sound on any other car except the Sultan. All instructions are in the archive.Feb 11, 2019 1JZ Vs 2JZ. Comparing engine specifications, power, sound and tuning potential we show you which engine is mightier. 2jz motor sound

Jun 23, 2016 Here is a compilation of Toyota supras: 2jz only! I hope you enjoy! The toyota supra is a very commonly tuned car due to the fact that it has the extremely capable 2JZ motor which can handle over

Feb 12, 2019  2JZGTE engine specifications. The 2JZGTE was launched in 1991, powering the Toyota Aristo V (JZS147) before finding its home in the JZA80 model Toyota Supra. The 2JZGTE was first designed as Toyotas response to Nissans wildly successful RB26DETT engine. RB26 Vs 2JZ Exhaust sound clips. Crank up your speakers and enjoy these sound Dec 25, 2016 This mod replaces the Sultan's sound by a 2JZGTE one. It can be used on any car by changing the audioNameHash to SULTAN in the appropriate vehicles. meta. For example, it can be used on AlexHIT's Toyota Supra I hope you'll enjoy it! Contact me on my Discord Server Installation: Extract Toyota Supra 2JZGTE Engine Sound. zip 2jz motor sound

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