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2019-12-13 07:38

Sounders FC honors founding owner Joe Roth at Sunday's match, reminds fans of kickoff time change September 13, 2019 WATCH: Brian Schmetzer on the roster status for Sunday's matchGo Sounders Go Fight Sounders Fight And the entire world will tremble at your might We sing for you We love you so And we will follow you wherever you may go (Call) Repeat (We are the blue! ) We are the blue! (We are the green! ) We are the green! We are the ECS and you can hear us scream! Hear us scream! (For our boys! ) For our boys! (Until the end! ) sounders chants ecs

Emerald City Supporters. The Emerald City Supporters (ECS) is an independent supporters group that was formed in 2005 to support the USL Sounders. They are currently the largest supporter group and are located in the south end of the stadium in sections. The group is known for their displays of tifo and chanting.

May 13, 2011 Seattle Sounders Chant Sheets (For Real) With all due respect to one an unnamed site that covers the team to our south, we felt it would be good to make sure every Seattle Sounders fan had access to a real chant sheet that will allow people outside of the Brougham End to participate in some of the ECS chants. Emerald City Supporters (ECS) are a group of independent supporters of Seattle Sounders FC. Our aim is to support our team and to create a good atmosphere in the stadium. The vision is that the ECS becomes an umbrella organization that incorporates supporter subgroups of all persuasions. sounders chants ecs Mar 29, 2016  Its 2016, and even as the Sounders fall 10 to Sporting KC on a drizzly Seattle evening, the Emerald City Supporters (ECS) sing and chant long after the rest of

The Emerald City Supporters joins with our fellow Sounders FC supporters Gorilla FC and our Portland rivals in the 107 Independent Supporters Trust in calling for the following outcomes: MLS rescinds its ban on flying the iron front flag. MLS removes the word political from its fan code of conduct as it is inherently arbitrary. sounders chants ecs Where to Learn Your Sounders FC Chants So I ordered me up a helping of DVR last week and swapped out my cable box. Genius, I must say. You can practice up on Sounders FC songs and chants at ECSs excellent website. You can also learn about all that great tifo down in the South End. In Keller We Trust rang true for me. Oct 27, 2009 Special thanks goes out to Emerald City Supporters and Sounders Council for their help. These are listed in order best to worst, according to my acute taste in drunken chanting. My rating is based on the following factors: Badassness: A general rating of how awesome the song sounds. Apr 17, 2016 Sounders beat Philadelphia Union 21. Radio call on Jordan Morris' first goal was perfect; ECS stages silent march to protest MLS SG policy; Sounders vs Union: Community player ratings form Emerald City Supporters (ECS) is an independent supporters' group for Major League Soccer's Seattle Sounders FC. The ECS is known for large choreographed tifo displays.

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