Cornual ectopic pregnancy ultrasound

2019-12-06 18:29

Cornual ectopic pregnancies are rare and represent a gestational sac within the cornua of a bicornuate or septate uterus.Apr 03, 2019 On April 3rd, 2019 I went in for my first ultrasound at 6 weeks pregnant. We discovered that I was having a cornual ectopic pregnancy. This type of pregnancy is extremely RARE! The sac implanted between my uterine wall and tube. The ultrasound also showed that my uterus was oddly shaped (Y shape Bicornuate. ) cornual ectopic pregnancy ultrasound

reported cases of cornual pregnancy. Ultrasound revealed an ectopic cornual gestational sac in 40. 6 of the women and a hyperechoic mass in the cornual region in another 25. The diagnosis was established in 71. 4 of the 32 women. A sensitivity of 80 and specicity of 99 have been reported. Fourdimensional volume contrast imaging with

Cornual pregnancy is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy wherein the gestational sac develops within the cornua of a bicornuate or septate uterus or in the interstitial part of the fallopian tube. Despite the availability of modern modalities like ultrasonography and pregnancy tests, it is difficult to diagnose early and as a result, it can present with lifethreatening internal abdominal hemorrhage. Final Diagnosis Right cornual (interstitial) ectopic pregancy Discussion The overwhelming majority of extrauterine gestations occur in the ampullary portion of the fallopian tube. Ectopic pregnancies that implant in the interstitial (cornual) portion of the fallopian tube represent only 2 to 4. 7 of all ectopic gestations. cornual ectopic pregnancy ultrasound Terminology. The term interstitial pregnancy is sometimes interchangeably used with cornual pregnancy, but the latter specifically refers to the presence of a gestational sac within a rudimentary uterine horn, a unicornuate uterus, cornua of a bicornuate uterus or septate uterus. . Epidemiology. It accounts for 24 of all ectopics (commonest site for an atypical ectopic pregnancy).

How can the answer be improved? cornual ectopic pregnancy ultrasound Apr 10, 2018 The evaluation of suspected ectopic pregnancy, as with all complaints in the emergency department, begins with an assessment of patient stability: airway, breathing and circulation. The unstable patient requires immediate interventions to secure each critical component, all temporizing measures until the patient can be taken to the operating room for definitive management. Because of the abundant blood supply in the cornual region from both uterine and ovarian vessels, rupture occurring after 10 12 weeks of gestation often leads to severe catastrophic haemorrhage and even death. The mortality rate is 6 7 times higher than that of ectopic pregnancies.

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