Weird sound generator layout

2019-12-06 18:39

Here comes my next conversion of Rays classic analog synthesizer, the Weird Sound Generator! Eurorack version of MFOS Weird Sound Generator, with prototype laser etched front panel. This is the same process as for my previous SMTEurorack conversion of the Sound Lab MiniSynth. The circuit is identical to the original, including componentWeird Sound Generator How to Make a Control Panel: This Instructable is mainly about making a plexiglass control panel for the Weird Sound Generator. Benefits: One of the benefits of having a plexiglass control panel is that you can see the guts of the unit from the outside. If you don't think t weird sound generator layout

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If you don't believe them at least believe me that this is the COOLEST WEIRD SOUND GENERATOR in the near universe. I feel certain that in far away universes there may be others developing weird sound generation equipment and who knows, it MAY be cooler but that would be a stretch. Weird Sound Weird Sound Generator. The link to the new page didn't work, so I googled again and found a page for the modified version of that synth that was called Weird Sound Generator. The list of components included most of the components that I already bought, but I had to weird sound generator layout Weird Sound Generator view projectPCB (Part# 3. 7 x 2. 5 in. Set checks to buy 'add ons' in addition to: Weird Sound Generator PCB(MFOS sells brand new electronic components and thus does not accept returns of 'Add on' ele

Mar 15, 2016 Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel meets the Blue Devil Percussion Team of Concorde California Duration: 16: 20. Ben Fisher 5, 980, 173 views weird sound generator layout

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