Whole tone scale sound

2019-11-22 06:07

Whole Tone Scales. The Whole Tone Scale is, as the name implies, built from notes with intervals of a whole note. This is a socalled symmetrical scale, meaning that the interval is the same throughout the scale. A whole tone is the same as two steps on the keyboard a half tone is consequently one step.These are the notes that give the whole tone scale its unique, dreamlike sound. So, what this means in practical terms is that the G whole tone scale will work over chords that use those notes as extensions: such as G9, G7# 5, G7b5, etc. Try playing through the scale, and then playing some of these chords to hearsee how they fit together ! whole tone scale sound

May 20, 2015  The Fractured Sound of the Whole Tone Scale Posted on May 20, 2015 by Dave Eichenberger. Scales are strange beasts. History shows us that the practicing of scales consists of playing the same notes in the same order while a rulerarmed teacher barks Faster! FASTER! at us all the while assuring ourselves that the study of scales builds

Jun 22, 2019  Whole tone scales have an tonally ambiguous sound that can sound quite out of place if used to improvise with in standard rock and pop songs (though you shouldnt let that stop you trying! ). Whole tone scales are often used in jazz, and can be used to play over augmented and augmented 7th The composer Olivier Messiaen called the wholetone scale his first mode of limited transposition. The composer and music theorist George Perle calls the wholetone scale interval cycle 2, or C2. Since there are only two possible wholetonescale positions (that is, the wholetone scale can be transposed only once), it is either C2 0 or C2 1. whole tone scale sound This is just to say it has a lot of tension and it also has some sort of openness to it so if youre looking to hear the sound of the whole tone scale, you probably know the Stevie Wonder song You Are The Sunshine of My Life, in the intro of that, Stevie plays the whole tone scale.

Wholetone scale, in music, a scalar arrangement of pitches, each separated from the next by a wholetone step (or whole step), in contradistinction to the chromatic scale (consisting entirely of half steps, also called semitones) and the various diatonic scales, such as the major and minor scales whole tone scale sound Major and minor scales consists of 7 notes, while pentatonic scales are made of 5 notes. However, the whole tone scale has 6 notes that are all a whole step apart, making its intervallic formula easy to remember WWWWWW. The Whole Tone Scale Learn how the Whole Tone Scale is built and how to use it. In this tutorial we're going to learn an uncommon type of guitar scale, the Wholetone scale, that, as the name suggests, is composed of only wholetones. . Take a look at your guitar and give yourself a little bit of a music theory reminder; each fret is a semitone away from the other. You might not know this scale on guitar, but if youve ever seen a dream sequence in a movie, youve heard the whole tone scale. Used to solo over 7th chords when you want to highlight the# 4 and# 5 notes, this 6note scale is built with whole tone intervals, hence the name.

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