Acura tl vtec sound

2019-12-06 20:31

Nov 16, 2011 Hi my 2006 Acura TL 3. 2 VTec engine with 24, 000 Kms has just started to make a ticking to low knocking noise. The noise starts at start up is soft at idle, gets progressively louder as the engine is reved up at approx. 2300 rpm the noise goes away and the engine sounds healthy up to the red line.Replied by ridinred24 on topic 2006 Acura TL engine knocking! Plasmide56 wrote: How the dealership will fix this problem? They will replace the short block, aka acura tl vtec sound

Mar 31, 2018 Engine: The TL comes with the 258hp 3. 2L SOHC VTEC V6. The sporty Acura TL TypeS added for 2007, offers the 286hp 3. 5L V6. With good maintenance, either engine is known to last for over 200K.

Aug 06, 2019  Acura Type S Concept to Debut in Monterey Brands Precision Crafted Performance Takes Shape A family member's 2015 has developed a chronic rythmic knockingcracking sound upon low speed brakingstop and go driving. The Temple of VTEC is not affiliated with American Honda Motor Co. , Inc. TOV Policies and Guidelines Credits Jul 19, 2017 Acura TL 3. 2L KNOCKING NOISE EXPLAINED HONDA failed timing belt tensioner NoNonsenseKnowHow. ACURA TL TIMING BELT AND CRANK SEAL REPLACEMENT PART 1 Duration: 7: 21. acura tl vtec sound

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