How to take off shutter sound on iphone 5c

2019-11-22 18:05

Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound. Follow one of these solutions to finally turn off the sound of your camera and take photos in peace. Solution 1: Press the volume down button () at the side of your device. This will lower the volume of the sound or making it silent. Solution 2: Flick the ringersilent switch at the side of your device to make it orange. This will switch your device into silent mode.Sep 07, 2017 The mute switch does jot turn it off. Answer: A: The shutter sound cannot, by design, be muted on iPhones manufactured for some countries because those countries have privacy laws which require that sound to be audible. I am not in one of those countries, is it possible to change that. how to take off shutter sound on iphone 5c

Enable Live Photo Mode to turn OFF Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone 77 Plus. When your iPhone camera is in Live Photo Mode, you can take photos without shutter sound effect even if you move the mute switch to the top side. Therefore, you can switch on Live Photo Mode to if you want to take pictures with your iPhone silently.

How can I remove camera shutter sound on iPhone 5c with IOS? I have try all the methods my friends use to silence their camera sound. That's is the mute style. But it is not working on my p how to take off shutter sound on iphone 5c

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