Op40 soundings

2019-11-13 01:33

Click on the image to request a sounding at that location or enter the station number above. Include frost point calculations. Recalculate DataOp40 (to 18h, NCEP 13km RAP on CONUS 40km grid, hourly) or Bak40 (to 24h, GSD 13km RAP on CONUS 40km grid, hourly, formerly MAPS ) or Bak13 (14day archive of analysis and 3h forecast soundings from these airports) or FIM (Turned off for now, due to too many accesses to op40 soundings

Please send questions about this page to one or more of the following people. webmasteramb. gsd for technical questions about the java display (such as a blank screen) Brian Jamison for questions about soundings and the SkewT display in general, and about RAOB soundings John Brown for questions about model soundings (types of models, available forecasts, latency, etc. )

SkewT: Comparing Different Sources In the overview article SkewT for the Common Pilot, all of the examples were from one source: NOAA's Rapid Update Cycle. The graphics are excellent, and the interactiveness makes computations easy. There are other presentations for The measurements are called soundings, a nautical term that originally referred to readings taken aboard ship by dropping a weighted line to measure the water's depth. In this case, the sounding is inverted. The 40 in Op40 means that this analysis is on the 40km grid. Although we've chosen the airport at Little Rock (LIT), we get the op40 soundings Easy Map Interface to SkewT Plot Generator Instructions: Move and zoom map, or type an airport identifier or place name to jump directly. Singleclick on the map to open a SkewT Chart for selected location in a 2nd window.

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