Sound transit fare schedule

2019-11-15 15:54

Youth fares (age 618) Youths age 6 to 18 pay a reduced fare on Sound Transit services with an ORCA Youth card. Youth cards can be purchased at an ORCA customer service office or through the mail. How to get a youth ORCA card. Children (age 05) Children age 5 and younger ride free with a farepayingSound Transit bus, train, tramway schedules, lines, routes, and stations overview by TrainUS Sound Transit operates bus, train, tramway across Washington, WA. The company is an important transport agency in the state of Washington, WA. sound transit fare schedule

Adult fares range from 2. 25 to 3. 25 depending on how far you travel. Day passes are twice the oneway fare and are valid for travel on the date purchased, between the stations printed on the ticket.

While there is no regularly scheduled weekend service, Sounder also serves select major weekend events such as Mariners, Sounders FC and Seahawks games. Adult fares are between 3. 25 and 5. 75 depending on how far you travel. Fares are distance based. Day passes are twice the oneway fare and are valid for the date and stations printed on the ticket. ST Express bus fares ST Express buses travel between major cities in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, offering limitedstop service primarily on interstate or state highway corridors. Some routes run only during the busiest commute times, while others run 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. sound transit fare schedule How can the answer be improved?

Sound Transit provides a total of 26 train schedules every day. Normally, count on 182 train departures every week on Sounder Lakewood Seattle. Get more informations about Sound Transit here. sound transit fare schedule

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