Stradivari sound

2019-11-14 07:15

Stradivari Violin 1680 (Oil, 2019) Private Collection. Fascinating to do such work. Few days dedicated to the listening of its sound, deepening my senses into it and trying to see which shapes those sounds, in my subconscious, crystallized.Stradivari speakers, the philosophy. From Mozart to Madonna, you want to experience music. You want to hear the most beautiful sounds imaginable through your loudspeakers. To be able to hear the instruments and voices as they actually sound, with all the detailed emotion. Sadness, happiness, excitement and love. stradivari sound

Jun 28, 2018  Well, given that he is infirm, and given that the price of the book is owed to the high cost of publishing, I would say that explaining how to make a violin that approaches to those of Stradivari in sound for a little over 500 is giving away the secret rather than

Feb 15, 2009 There is a possibility here that Stradivari received the wood pretreated and so did not even know these minerals in his wood were the crucial factor for the sound, and this is why, despite almost surely having apprentices, the art of his instrument making was not passed on, he says. Feb 22, 2016  The 1715 exBazzini De Vito violin, made by Antonio Stradivari, has an estimated price tag of 16 million. Matteo Fedeli talks about the instrument and gives you a small sample of what it sounds like. Fedeli is currently conducting his A Stradivari for the People tour, where he seeks to bring the 300yearold instrument to new audiences. stradivari sound Jun 24, 2004 The Sweet Sound of a Stradivarius Music commentator Miles Hoffman, a nationally renowned violist, and NPR's Steve Inskeep visit the Library of Congress' small, priceless collection of Stradivarius

Dec 19, 2016 Stradivarius violins are renowned for their supposedly superior sound when compared to other instruments. This has resulted in numerous studies hunting for a scientific reason for why Strads sound stradivari sound Mar 26, 2014 David Aaron Carpenter plays Suite No. 3 in C by Johann Sebastian Bach on a Stradivari viola that will have a starting price of 45 million at auction this spring at Sotheby's. Subscribe on YouTube Aug 12, 2019  Stradivarius violins are reputed to have an exquisite sound that cannot be replicated or explained. Why is that? And what, exactly, is a Stradivarius violin, anyway? This episode features interviews with The Strad magazines managing editor, Christian Lloyd, and violin maker Joseph Curtin.

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