The strange sounds heard around the world

2019-11-22 07:03

Jun 11, 2015  Although it is quite peculiar that the phenomenon received minimal hype until this year, the strange noise had been heard over in Germany, Russia, Australia, United States, Canada, and in other parts of the world since it was first recorded in 2008. Those who have heard the sound personally and on video associated the baffling sounds to the apocalyptic prophesy stated in the bible while others thinkJan 23, 2018 Strange sounds are being heard around the world, and no one seems to know where they're coming from. In Sweden, the odd noise sounded like a trumpet. A similar sound was heard in Michigan. the strange sounds heard around the world

Nov 27, 2016 In fact, strange sounds have been reported around the world for the last ten years or so, varying in their exact nature but all sharing the unexplained element. One of the earliest reports came from Homel in Belarus where a strange noise was recorded coming from the sky.

Apr 30, 2015 Rumor: People are hearing strange apocalyptic sounds coming from the sky all around the world. Whistleblower Explains Mysterious Sounds Heard Across the Worldand Its More Disturbing Than Anything You Can Imagine. Varying from midnight roars and loud booms to industrial drones that seem to permeate the walls of the cities, these sounds have been reported by thousands of people and documented for all to hear. Perhaps the creepiest sound has been the oftreported omnipresent trumpet horns played in eerie the strange sounds heard around the world Jan 11, 2016 10 Strange Things Happening In The World Right Now Duration: 11: 50. TheRichest 1, 144, 722 views

Jun 26, 2019 What are the strange sounds from the sky heard around the world? The first video posted on YouTube recording the unusual, unearthly sounds, was in 2008 when a user recorded the strange sounds in the sky from Homel in Belarus. the strange sounds heard around the world

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