How to make an electric guitar sound like a trumpet

2019-10-20 15:11

Ok, this may crash and burn but I thought it would be quite interesting to see how close people can get, to making their guitar or bass sound like a t Make Your Guitar Sound Like a TrumpetMay 23, 2012  are there any pedals that make your guitar sound like a trumpet or possibly a french, 12: 14 PM [COLOR green horn because i like [COLOR navy the way those two instruments sound but i don't [COLOR darkred have the time or wherewithal to learn how how to make an electric guitar sound like a trumpet

Jul 18, 2019  Short video demonstrating playing a Trumpet through an iRig, via an Ipad with the Amplitude app, plus Mic and of course an amp (albeit a tiny one! ). End result is to play your trumpet

Aug 30, 2015 The POG will not sound all that much like a horn, but it might sound closer to a horn section in that there are multiple lines going on. I'm not sure of any pedal that will make you sound realistically like a horn section, so between those two pedals, you can either sound more like a single horn or more like multiple instruments playing in unison. How to Make a Trumpet Sound With Your Mouth. Blow the air, and sound out through this gap as you sing the notes to imitate the trumpet. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and vibrate it to make the sound of a rolling R as it is pronounced in the Spanish or French languages. Add the vibrating tongue noise to the notes you hum and press through your lips to make trumpet sounds. how to make an electric guitar sound like a trumpet Oct 29, 2014 There's loads of songs I like that have awesome sax solos, it'd be so sick to pull them off with the guitar sounding like a sax. I can play some of them the outro to Bobby Jean. . the little 'solo' in Never Tear Us Apart. . on the guitar. . but I think it'd be awesome to be able to get a cool sax sound from my guitar for them.

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